Course Stages

From the Recreation Grounds in Northcliffe north via parts of the Munda Biddi trail and Jane Forest Block, ending at Hillbrook Winery. There is a service stop at the end of stage one with riders able to continue to the next stage in their own time.


The Course

The event starts and finishes at the Northcliffe Recreation Ground off Wheatley Coast Road just east of the township of Northcliffe on Saturday 29th April 2017.

At around 100km in length the course comprises four stages of approximately equal distance through the spectacular Southern Forest with a variety of terrain and scenery.

We are still surveying and refining the course so check back here regularly for updates. There will not be major changes from last year's course - see below for maps.

The Track


Stage 1 - 27.5 km

Stage 2 - 23.7km

Stage 2 leaves Hillbrook Winery and makes its way east and north through forest trails ending at Bookalaam Olive Grove where lunch for all riders will be served. Riders may continue on to the next stage in their own time.


Stage 3 - 23.7km

This is also the start for the 50km event. Leaving Bookalaam Olive Grove, riders make their way through winding river country to the west and south to complete the stage at Hillbrook Winery.

Stage 4 - 24.7km

This is also the start for the 25km event. Riders follow Orchid Road to the Pemberton-Northcliffe rail formation to finish at the Northcliffe Recreation Ground.

View a printable copy of the 2017 course map here.

2017 Course Map

View a printable copy of the 2016 support vehicle route information here.

2016 Support Vehicle Information

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Track Markings:

Directional arrows are placed at all major track deviations and at least every 500 metres along the course.Each stage is marked with different coloured arrows -

            Stage 1 - Blue

            Stage 2 - Black

            Stage 3 - Orange

            Stage 4 - Red

Arrows pointing down on a diagonal indicate a hazard ahead, one a hazard, two a severe hazard, three an extreme hazard.

The suggested route across open paddocks is marked with witches' hats.

Difficult to see entry and exits from paddocks are marked with orange hi-vis bunting.

Yellow posts appoximately 600mm tall with black numerals 5 or 1 are placed 5 kms and 1 km from the end of each stage on the right hand side of the track..